Nature's Defender Cedar Oil Concentrate

Cedar Oil Concentrate For Lawns and Pets
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FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY: Natures Defender, Cedar Oil Spray Concentrate is a safe 100% natural cedar oil solution. Can be applied to lawns as an insect repellent for mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other biting insects.

For use outdoors on lawns, gardens and pet kennels to control insects. (each gallon of cedar oil concentrate will treat approx. 10000 square feet)

Natures Defender Lawn & Garden formulation is an alternative to synthetic pest control products. The formulation is a 100% Bio-Based insect neutralizer with natural fungus fighting properties. Natures Defender technology provides a high level of arthropod and other insect knockdown while it’s residual subsequently acts as a repellent. Natures Defender is a water soluble compound formulation that promotes micron size VMD droplets beneficial for use in typical insect control methods such as Pivot, misting, compression or pressure spray delivery. The synthetic chemical free solution will not stain. The Cedar Aroma creates a "Barrier of Entry" making treated areas off limits to non-beneficial insects. It is EPA EXEMPT from federal registration (25b active 4a inactive) 90% cedar oil 10% ethyl lactate. It poses least harm to the environment, pets, farm animals, water ways, soil, farms, crops, infants and children. 

How Does Natures Defender Lawn & Garden formulation Neutralize Insects?
Natures Defender Lawn & Garden formulation does not neutralize insects by poisoning.
But acts in one or a combination of the following ways to kill them:

  1. Osmotic Dehydration Natures Defender Lawn & Garden formulation leaches the insects and eggs body from moisture and dehydrates them
  2. Prevention of Breathing: By irritating the respiratory system of the insects, especially those with high olfactory. Natures Defender Lawn & Garden formulation forces insects to avoid breathing, shutting down to avoid the extremely powerful irritants.
  3. Pheromone Interference: that interrupts and attacks the octopamine neuro-receptors, crucial for neurotransmitter’s regulation of metabolism, movement, feeding, reproduction and behavior.
  4. Dissolving Insect Eggs, Larvae, Pupae, and Eroding the Exoskeleton and Cuticle of Adult.

This product can also be used around your patio, lawn shrubbery, flower and vegetable gardens.  Treatment will create a barrier of insect re-entry and break the egg layer cycle.

When applying Natures Defender Lawn & Garden formulation to gardens or grasses it should be done in the morning or early evening times. Applications should be avoided in the middle of the afternoon due to the heat and direct sun.
Natures Defender Lawn & Garden cedar oil concentrate formulation can be applied as a drench, foliar spray or through an out-door fumigation agenda.
Application rates will vary depending on the apparatus used to deliver the product. (SEE DILUTION RATES AND DELIVERY SYSTEM) During a heavy insect season you can apply as often as needed.


  • Best time to treat is early morning or evening. Do not treat in the middle of the day or whenever it is hot.
  • When using our 32oz, 20 gallon Hose end sprayer use 8 ounces fill bottle to top for 20 gallons of mixed product.
  • Hand held or back pack sprayer use 4 oz. to 1 gallon water this formulation will make 32 Gallons in a hand held sprayer.
  • Natures Defender diluted solutions can be used in grooming of Dogs, Cats and other animals.(2oz. concentrate to one gallon water)


ApparatusDilution Ratio's
Pivot System
Fan systems

1:1000 row crops
1:2000 fruit trees, vineyards and nut farms
2% or 2.5 oz. per gallon water
Hose end 32oz garden sprayer
6.25% - 8oz.
Top off cup/container with water
Backpack/Hand held sprayers
Gardens and Plants
3% or 4 oz. Per gallon water
2 oz. per gallon water
Non Thermal Fogger 2% - 2.5oz. per gallon water
Truck Mounted systems 1:200 gallons water
Mosquito misting systems 32oz. – 55 gallons water
Nematode & Grub control 3% - 4oz. per gallon water


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