Dr. Ben's 32oz - Cedar Oil Insect Spray

Organic Indoor Insect Control:

Used for Fleas, Ticks, Roaches, Ants, Silverfish, Scorpions, Spiders and Bed Bugs.

Spray wherever insects are present, paying close attention around the baseboards area spraying a stream of solution between the floor and the wall molding. Next: Turn the tip to adjust to a fine spray. Applying a liberal coat (until damp),starting at the far corner of the room working backwards, spray everything including under furniture, inside and dressers & drawers and shelves.

Then proceed into other areas such as Living Room and Kitchen remembering to spray underneath and behind all objects including Sofa's & Chair cushions, Carpets and other flooring. (Leave no area untreated)
Kitchen: Spray under and around Refrigerator, Stove, Dishwasher, Cabinets (inside and out).

Remember: Dr. Ben's Evictor is a contact killer and must either touch or be inhaled by the insect to incur death. This product will not stain or attract dirt.

**Important: Wait several days after treatment before cleaning or vacuuming the floor areas this will allow the solution an opportunity to erode or dehydrate the insect eggs and larvae.


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