Cedar Oil Lawn Care Kit

Cedar Oil Lawn Care Kit

A Complete outdoor Non-Toxic Tick, Flea & Snake control solution for your Lawn & garden "THAT WORKS"
Put a no vacancy sign on your lawn today for only $79.50 your 1st month and $39.95 each month their after

Insect control is measured by decreased populations that are directly related to the egg and larvae status of the arthropod. Our Cedar Oil Formulations not only kill the adult insects but their eggs and larvae as well. The lingering aroma of Cedar Oil is a pheromone interruption agent that impairs the mental capacity of non-beneficial insects; it has no effect on beneficial insects such as lady bugs, honey bees, lizards, butterflies, and toads.

Yard Guard INSECT CONTROL Spray is the first line of defense in solving your monthly pest maintenance plan against non-beneficial insects as it kills the existing adults, eggs and larvae.

Once the above agenda has been accomplished, we then need to simply control the area of concern from insects coming back into the treated area. This is achieved when you spread the highly aromatic cedar granules (smaller than a pencil shaving) as a barrier of re-entry. The cedar granules make it extremely difficult for adult insects to come back into the treated area to lay their eggs or larvae. That is what the granules do best, “repel the adult insects from coming back in the treated area”. Although we cannot kill all the insects in the world, we can manage and neutralize them in your environment using the Cedar Granules.

We help you take control of your FLEA & TICK problem once and for all, by controlling the area they come from…”YOUR LAWN”

  • They are truly 100% Organic and non-toxic to kids, elderly, water ways and the soil which loves cedar granules for their carbon content. As they deteriorate in the soil they create microbial activity.
  • They build a barrier of re-entry up to 60 days.
  • The granules are highly aromatic red cedar and cannot be tolerated by Non-Beneficial insects. The aroma of red cedar to a non-beneficial insect is like ammonia to you and I.
  • No need for Toxic pest control service…”no insects in your lawn…means no insects in your home or on your pets” That’s organic insect control you can count on
  • Keeps out heat seeking venomous snakes, scorpions & ants…Mosquitoes will no longer land to lay their eggs.


First month comes with 2 bottles Yard Guard & 20 lb bag of Cedar granules (very fine)
You then need to apply ONLY the Cedar granules every 30 to 60 days

Our approach is a simple but highly effective neutralizer for keeping the ticks & fleas out of your lawn…
No fleas and ticks in your lawn mean know ticks and fleas on you, your pets or your home…

Order on line today for the relief you and your pets deserve…
Absolutely no chemicals used in our insect control program…
Give your family and pets the peace of mind they deserve.

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