Cedar Oil Kit For Dogs - Fleas - Ticks - Mites

Dr. Ben's cedar oil kit for dogs, fleas, ticks and mites
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Dr. Ben’s Cedar Oil Kit for Pets

This Cedar Oil Kit Contains:

  • 16oz Paws & Claws: Cedar oil spray for fleas, ticks and mites
  • 2oz Dr. Ben’s Ear Neutralizer: Cedar oil for ear mites, ear infections and fungi
  • Natures Defender Skin & Hair Treatment: Daily spray for pets with skin issues.


Dr. Ben’s Paws & Claws:
This bio-solution is formulated for the pet industry for organic control of fleas, ticks and mites. For use on dogs, cats and other pets. Non-toxic will not enter your pets bloodstream.
How to Use:
Around the tail, back, underneath, ears, legs, paws. Spray in your hand and wipe around face area. Can also be sprayed around bedding area. For mange mites and burrowing mange mites spray on liberally several times per day for 1 or 2 days. For ear mites spray in ear canal.
Spray a liberal amount when going for a walk or to the park all over your pet. Does not enter blood stream.

Dr. Ben’s Ear Neutralizer:
Neutralizes and kills ear mites, bacteria, funguses and other ear problems. Dr Ben’s ear-neutralizer is an effective ear treatment solution that will neutralize and help clear-up outer and deep ear infections and ear mites. Ear-Neutralizer is a natural antimicrobial solution that is highly effective in neutralizing & cleansing yeast infections, oozing ears, stinky ears and killing ear mites. For chronic ear infections in dogs or cats where the ear infection returns again and again there finally is a practical solution, Ear-Neutralizer provides soothing relief to any animal experiencing discomfort and pain from ear problems. Some of the symptoms you should watch for is your animal inching & scratching their ears, shaking their heads and swollen ears are just some of the symptoms you will notice your animal doing.

Ear Mite Treatment: Ear mites can be dispatched easily and quickly. The first issue is to Kill the mites, neutralize them quickly. Put 4 drops in each ear then put a few drops on a soft cloth and clean the ear thoroughly. Recommended use is three times your first day, then use as needed.

Ear Infection Treatment:
Put 4 drops in each ear canal, then with a soft clean cloth put a few drops and clean out the ear thoroughly. Use 3 times daily to neutralize & stop infection. Continue using until you see the results you want to achieve. Clean ears are less susceptible to infection. Remember to always wipe your animals ears out after getting wet. Keep the ears clean & remove debris, wax and dust from the animal’s ears using the ear-Neutralizer. Use as often as needed.

Natures Defender Skin & Hair Treatment:
(THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR PAWS & CLAWS. This product is formulated for pets with skin issues, can be used as a dipping solution for pets and farm animals) VETS CHOICE is a Cedar Oil formulation 16 ounce ready to use and is formulated exclusively for the Animal Health Industry for control of mange mites, flea dermatitis, flaky skin,and other skin issues on pets, Poultry, Dairy, Equine, Goats, Sheep, Llamas and all other domestic or exotic mammals.


Treatment with VETS CHOICE will also provide OFF LIMIT protection from Fleas, Mosquitoes, Mites, Headlice ,Goat Lice, Lice and numerous other pests. VETS CHOICE is approved for use on newborn offspring and the nursing mothers.
NOTE: For Cleaning and killing bacteria, mildew and insect infested areas like Kennels, barns, stalls, dairy barns, dog runs and other large areas use our Vets Choice 32 oz ready-to-use with hose end sprayer.

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